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W H A T ?
The Conference Board created, with financial support from U.S. Department of Education, to help U.S. organizations' measure and demonstrate the relationship between their workplace education investments, including workplace basic skills, and measures of organizational performance.

By working through this site, you will be able to produce your own balanced scorecard for skills.

F O R  W H O M ?
Employers who want to get more out of workplace education programs. This site has something for people at every stage of development, from beginner to advanced.

Workplace educators who work with companies to help them improve the effectiveness of their workplace education efforts. This site addresses workplace basic skills, technical skills and soft skills assessment and instruction.

W H Y ?
Only by properly measuring the effectiveness of workplace education and aligning these to key business strategies and goals, will organizations be able to know if these investments are worthwhile. gives you the analytical tools to provide action-oriented information to management about workplace education programs.

H O W ?
By navigating this site, you will gain knowledge, skills and tools to help you measure workplace education effectiveness and to tie workplace education to business strategies via a balanced scorecard approach.

You can also benchmark your progress against best practices in workplace education. Click here to see the tools that we have provided for you.

W H E N ?
Why not start now?… C h e c k  o u t our Orientation section!

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