Masters Golf Tricks

10 Tricks for Golf Beginners

The Masters Golf Tournament is coming to Augusta, Georgia soon, and as families watch and enjoy the tournament, children everywhere ask their loved ones if they can learn how to play golf. Of course, we want the best for our children and some of us will get our children golf lessons or we decide to do it on our own and teach them. Maybe its because we are watching the Masters Live stream, so we feel like we can show them some tricks of golf. If you are clueless when it comes to tricks for golf, we have some tricks for golf beginners.

10 Tricks for Golf Beginners:

Here are 10 Tricks for any gold beginners or for those who are trying to teach someone some tricks.

  1. Take Dead Aim: What does that mean? It means that your body, feet, knees, hips, shoulders, and club all face in the same direction. Checking how aligned you are is a huge role in your shot.
  2. Create a Solid stance: Your golf stance should be wide, steady, hard, and stable. This way your shot will be better and stronger. Also, make sure you build your golf swing from the ground up.
  3. Develop Flawless Stance: Emphasis on perfect posture. The way to accomplish this by to slant at the hips and not at the waist.
  4. Make Friends with the grip: You want to practice holding your club in the right position even if you aren’t playing golf. Even if you are just around the house, take your club with you and hold the club for 30 seconds. This will introduce your hands to the grip and soon after, they’ll be a perfect match.
  5. Start your down swing with your hips. Do not start with the upper body.
  6. Make range sessions count. Make sure you know what you’re doing before actually going onto the real course. Going to the shooting range and hitting about 50-100 balls should help you with your practice swings.
  7. Use plenty of loft. You want to practice with a short and lofted club to help with posture and ball height.
  8. Leave the driver in your bag. You don’t want to start out with the driver. Stay away for at least 18 months.
  9. Try a Par 3 course. This helps you understand golf.

Review Fundamental lessons at least once a month. Read up on golf and look at literature that could be great insight on the game.

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