How does a horse qualify for Kentucky Derby?

How does a horse qualify for Kentucky Derby?

So, you are prepared to enjoy the fast two minutes’ horse racing event? However, do you know what usually happens before the horses qualify to race?

Whether you want to know or just think you also have to partake in this race a contender, you must qualify. The qualification process is a long way and in this short presentation, we take an insight into what usually occurs behind the scene before we see the fastest two minutes’ horse racing.

It starts from what it is regarded as the” Road to the Kentucky”. This is a system based on points derived from key races. The more a horse wins the more chances of qualifying to the Kentucky derby.

The road to Kentucky derby is grouped into two parts, the Kentucky Derby horse racing preseason and the Kentucky Derby horse racing championship series. The pre-season runs between September and February while the championship series runs between march and mid-April each year.

In pre-season races, the winner is awarded ten points, second finisher four points, third place two points and fourth get one point.

The championship series is the most interesting and grants higher points. The points granted here, vary but in most races, the first place gets to up 100 points, the second to up to 40 points, 20 points for third positions and 10 points for the fourth place.

Once all the points have been added from all the pre-season and championship series races, the 18 highest horses qualify for Kentucky derby. More so, there is a provision four other horses who are to be on standby in case the invited contender drops out.

Last note

From all this qualification journey, there is no doubt that the final race is competitive and interesting. So, if you love horse racing, then you can watch Kentucky Derby online and enjoy it.

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