RWC odds 2019

What are the Rugby World Cup Odds

Whether you are watching this, live in Japan or watching the Rugby World Cup online streaming, you need to be aware of the odds. The odds for the RWC this year may not be what you had expected. Let’s take a look.

The Rugby World Cup is coming soon, but have you thought about who is favored to win and what the odds are for each team this year? Let’s first look at pool A, which has Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Russia, and Samoa in it. Ireland has a Six Nations and a series win in Australia, but they have not done well in World Cup play, never passing the quarter-finals. The odds are not good to anyone in this pool, the winner has to play New Zealand or South Africa in the quart-finals, which will be a task in itself.

Japan, Samoa, and Russia are discussed as the teams that will be exiting the RWC first. Pool B is a powerhouse pool in our opinions. New Zealand is the favorite for every world cup actually, but South Africa may have something to say about this. In fact, New Zealand is predicted to win the entire RWC this year.

South Africa is capable of beating New Zealand and, any fans are excited about this chance to show them who’s boss. Pool C has England, France, Argentina, USA, and Tonga. England is favored to win this pool, play New Zealand and lose in the semi-finals.

France is iffy and Argentina as well. It just depends on what game they bring. USA and Tonga are said to scuffle for fourth this year. In Pool D, the teams are Australia, Wales, Georgia, Fiji, and Uruguay. Australia is favored to be second in the pool and losses against England. So there you have it, New Zealand, yet again is favored to win this RWC. Check it out to see how the odds actually were and who will win the Rugby World Cup this year.

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